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First and foremost I am a writer. I write stories, thoughts and hopes, also darkness and struggles. But I write. Because I need to—possibly something true of all creative people, a need to create something. This website is my space to be who I am when I’m not in my day job as an ecologist (which I love too). If you love stories and adventures like me, when you’ve just finished one you want to say something about it, the awesome bits, the highs that will remain every time you think of the experience.

I am a lover of fantasy fiction and it is fantasy fiction novels I write. One trilogy just completed, and many more ideas in the pipeline.

By day (and sometimes night) I work as an ecologist, so for half the year (thankfully, usually, the warmer, sunnier half) I am outside, looking at plants and hedgerows, examining paw prints and badger dung, pools and ponds, burrow holes and vole-nibbled leaves. It is a wonderfully varied job, and I learn more and more about the world around me each day I’m doing it.

Sarah x


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