Happy Birthday Matthew

Edgar Nov 2015


This post is for Matthew, whose birthday it was last Thursday. I re-worked this digital painting of Edgar for him and printed and framed it. It felt good seeing how much better I could make it, I have learnt a lot since I first drew it I think. A lot of people seem to think that digital art is a lot easier than traditional art, and they say things like ‘it’s good yes’, with a spoken or unspoken ‘but’ hanging there. I guess in many ways digital art is easier – it gives you so much flexibility and endless ability to correct and amend, which traditional painting doesn’t allow you (once you make a mistake you usually have to live with it!). But I feel like I must add—the computer doesn’t draw it for you. Every piece of digital art has taken me many many hours to do. And it’s still my hand drawing with a Wacom pen (instead of a paintbrush) onto a trackpad (instead of a canvas). I love the polished work that it enables you to produce, and the utter freedom of so many styles, colours, textures and layers.

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