Night Hunter


I have always loved to draw and paint. My attempts still hang proudly on the walls of my parents’ house. I remember a particular painting I did of a tiger – it was the first time I felt like I was good at something, and it remains a treasured piece because of this. More recently I acquired a trackpad and started painting digitally. I love it. You don’t get the smells and texture of the charcoal and paints as you press and daub onto the paper, but there is so much flexibility and freedom. I’m looking forward to trying it out more.


Owls are beautiful. And silent. I love the black starry night, and the silent approach of a snowy white owl to its prey. This was based on a photo taken by my BF, and modified somewhat – artistic licence! – to get the image I saw in my mind. I’m still at the experimenting stage, so haven’t got up to speed on using layers properly yet in Photoshop.


Owl for website

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