Goldenhand by Garth Nix


I was so pleased recently to have the opportunity to meet Garth Nix at Waterstones Piccadilly. The panel was brilliant and interesting, and Garth was just as intelligent, articulate and engaging as I imagined he would be. All the things I aspire to be. It is awesome to meet your heros and find they live up to your imagination and more.

Goldenhand was a great sequel to the Old Kingdom series. In fact, as soon as I opened it and saw that distinctive font that Garth uses in these books, I was there, in that world straight away. His writing is so good I soon forget I am actually reading, I’m in the story, experiencing the world through the characters. This is what storytelling is.

Goldenhand was a well structured story, and we get to see more of Lireal as she undertakes her work as Abhorsen-in-waiting. There were still questions about Lireal that we crave to understand and these are soon hinted at, and it was lovely to see Lireal becoming more confident in her abilities and in who she is. She found herself in Lireal but in Goldenhand she comes into her own.

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