Truthwitch by Susan Dennard


Loved this. Detailed, imaginative, and with a strong cast of characters. I especially love Safi and Iseult, and their wonderful friendship. They come across as a little selfish, but in an endearing, naughty way in a troubled fantasy world, which makes it ok somehow. I like Safi’s recklessness. It goes hand-in-hand with her ‘witchery,’ which is all about feeling – she can sense truth from lies. No wonder her and Iseult are ‘Threadsisters,’ Iseult’s witchery is also about feeling, or rather seeing the emotions of everyone around her – a slightly more useful gift, I thought. I liked that they feel what’s right and what’s not right, they feel their way through life, they act, they don’t overthink. I’d like to be a little more like that!

I also liked the elemental magic in the story, the wind witches and fire witches, and others with darker gifts, the blood witch. I like this sort of magic, where each person’s is slightly different. I like that there is a darkness to Iseult, something about her heritage and people, her link to someone feared. Those are always the story arcs I crave – good characters pulled towards dark.

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