Windwitch by Susan Dennard


This is book two in the Truthwitch series. Love the covers for these books, this one in particular – I love an atmospheric landscape and a figure looking ahead of them. I love the lettering and colours too. I have to say I raced through these books. I am still in love with the characters. I think Isuelt is beginning to become my favourite. I like the darkness that threatens her. I like Euduan too, for whom the opposite is true, some compassion and humanity are beginning to show through his terrifying Bloodwitch status.

This is a world in turmoil, and I enjoyed all the character threads of the novel. Sometimes its dangerous I think to focus on two characters and make us fall in love with them in book one, only to widen the focus for book two. I have been disappointed by series before when I fell in love with a character, only for their part in the story to disappear. But it works perfectly here, it makes the second book more interesting, more enticing. I enjoy all the bluffs, the fact that you as the reader can see the full picture and therefore understand and know things that the characters do not. It makes for extra tension, when you rush through the pages to see if that character will find out this, or if that character will do something based on the facts they think are true (but we know better).

I like strong complex female characters and I like characters with darkness tugging at them, so this book really is made for me.

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