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Stockholm is the setting for Steig Larsson’s epic, gritty Millennium series. I have read the trilogy three times, watched the Swedish films over and again, and the Hollywood film version, well, just once. We have a superfluous three sets of the books in our house—for reasons I won’t bore you with!

We recently went to Stockholm for my birthday, a surprise trip, and it was awesome. The main thing I wanted to do was walk the special locations from the books. I wanted to see where Mikael and Lisbeth lived and worked, the streets they walked. I don’t think I’m alone in starting to think of fictional people almost as real people—I think this is the mark of a great writer, when the characters feel like real, complex, living breathing people.

When you get to Stockholm you can pick up a Millennium map for 40 kroner, normally available in the main visitor centre, but we picked ours up at the Medieval Museum. The map is split into three neighbourhoods—Sodermalm, Vasagatan and Kungsholmen.



Photo above: Where Lisbeth Salander works at Milton Security.


Photo above: Millennium office.


Photo above: Mosebacke Square and the ‘The Sisters’ statue where Lisbeth and her lawyer Annika Giannini walk after her trial ends in book three.


Above photo: Lisbeth Salander’s neighbourhood on Lundagatan.


Photo above: Lisbeth’s neighbourhood.


Photo above: Mikael Blomkvist’s favourite cafe hangout on Hornsgatan.


Photo above: Mikael Blomkvist’s attic apartment on Bellmansgatan, a beautiful 1700’s neighbourhood that overlooks Gamla Stan (the old town) across the water.


Photo above: 7-Eleven on Gotgatan where Lisbeth shops for Billy’s frozen pizza when she moves into her penthouse on Fiskargatan.


Photo above: Lisbeth’s penthouse on Fiskargatan.


Photo above: Stockholm Police Station.


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