The Black Lion

I’ve been working on this digital painting for a long time now, I keep coming back to it and improving it. I probably won’t stop even after I post it here. But this is how it looks as of today—a window into my imagination.

Happy Birthday Matthew

  This post is for Matthew, whose birthday it was last Thursday. I re-worked this digital painting of Edgar for him and printed and framed it. It felt good seeing how much better I could make it, I have learnt a lot since I first drew it I think. A lot of people seem to […]

Dragons in Fantasy Fiction

Dragons and fantasy fiction often go together. I am fascinated by dragons, as I have read so many different incarnations of this mythical creature. Sometimes they are ancient, majestic, intelligent creatures, at other times, brutal, violent, mindless beasts that burn anything in their path. And there are many shades in between. I like that confusion. […]


  During our childhood, my brothers (M and D) and I had three cats, and we all remained cat-lovers, always making friends with cats wherever we went. M’s cat, Edgar, is very photogenic: bright, almost eyelinered eyes, and glossy black and white long fur. I could play with him endlessly. I decided on a simple […]

Night Hunter

  I have always loved to draw and paint. My attempts still hang proudly on the walls of my parents’ house. I remember a particular painting I did of a tiger – it was the first time I felt like I was good at something, and it remains a treasured piece because of this. More […]