Film Review: Lucy

A sci-fi film focusing on the main character Lucy, who is forced to carry drugs (sewn forcibly into her abdomen) for a Korean drug lord. The drugs leak and allow her to access more and more of her brain. I thought exploring her losing what made her human was interesting, at first she felt heightened, […]

A few thoughts on grief…

I’m not always very open with my thoughts and feelings, at least not about this. Because my grief is full of guilt and sadness and anger. In the last year I have to admit I have been lost. Lost in dark, sad places. But I beginning to fight again. If losing my brother has taught me […]

Sunday Morning Catch-up

So, out looking for badgers this week with work. Always a fun way to spend the day, walking up and down the countryside. I told someone I walked 10km in a day, which actually isn’t all the far, but when you consider it was in wellies, through mud, under hedgerows, over barbed wire fences, through […]

Sunday Morning Catch-up

  This week has been one of those busy, nerve-wracking sort of weeks. But I feel able to reflect better on it after a Sunday morning run, blowing out all the cobwebs and stress of the week. Yesterday I went to an event for aspiring writers at Bloomsbury Publishing. It was so lovely to be […]