Film Review: Star Wars, The Force Awakens

We finally went to the Imax to see The Force Awakens this week. Didn’t enjoy the 3D, it’s never quite as crisp as watching  a film in 2D, but about halfway in I did begin to forget about it and just enjoy the film. It was awesome, I especially loved Rey, the new female Jedi. She’s strong, tough and intelligent, whilst at the same time being vulnerable and a little lost. A wonderful character.

It was lovely to see some of the original characters and cast in the film, and there were some really lovely moments, like when Han Solo meets Leia again. And I got a real sense of the joy of revisiting all these sets and stories and characters.

The only thing I have always had reservations about with Star Wars is the dark side and the evil lords becoming almost one dimensional when they turn to the dark side. Sometimes it works really well, because the dark lords are all the more frightening because you know they don’t think like other people anymore. And they’re always recognisable in their dark capes and masks (which is strangely comforting, because you can see the evil that way). I always find it hard to pinpoint exactly what drives the evil, is it the lust for power? Anger/rage/hate of other people? I always come away wanting to know more, how does the dark side really effect them? How did they become like this? I’m hoping in the next film we’ll find out a bit more about Kylo Ren and how he turned to the dark side. I want to see a bit more turmoil inside him (which was hinted at in this film), a fight within him between dark and light. I’d like to see that in the other Jedi too, and maybe we’ll see that in the other films.

Looking forward to more Star Wars:) Must re-watch the older films again…


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