Film Review: The Jungle Book

I was so excited when I heard that Disney were remarking The Jungle Book film. The 1967 cartoon film was one I remember loving as a child. The Jungle Book is a story that is really special, a young boy growing up among wolves and other animals from the jungle, able to talk to and count some of them as his friends and family. As a child, this was a perfect fantasy as I have always loved animals. The sense of adventure also really appealed.

The new film did the story justice. The animals are all CGI and are done really well—I absolutely love how well they captured the movements and characters of the animals. And all without having to train or use real animals, and all the welfare issues that come with it. I believe the filmmakers won a PETA industry award for that.

What this film did really well was really capture Mogli’s love for his wolf foster family, the bit where he hugs his wolf mother goodbye is touching and beautiful. His friendships with Bagheera and Baloo are also touching and heart-warming, and I love the sense of fun with Baloo and the weary fatherly feel of Bagheera. They cast the voices so well in this new film.

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