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Last week I posted about my Millennium (Steig Larsson) tour round Stockholm: Bookish Travels in Stockholm. We took so many photos though and had such a great weekend there that I wanted to show you a few of the other things we did and saw.


Above two photos: cherry trees at Kungsträdgården (“The King’s Garden”). Busy on the day we were there as the Eurovision Village had been set up there.


Above photo: Gamli Stan, full of cobbled streets and beautiful old buildings, cafes and restaurants, my favourite part of Stockholm city.


Above photo: I loved the narrow cobbled streets of Gamli Stan.


Above photo: Under Kastangan, the lovely gluten free restaurant and cafe that I loved. In a quiet courtyard in Gamli Stan under a horse chestnut tree. It was peaceful and delicious.


Photo above: Stockholm is full of cafes and bakeries with fresh pastries and cakes. The Swedes like their fresh baked goods. All looked mouth-watering.


Photo above: we enjoyed the cafe culture, the Swedes are also apparently the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. I found a gluten free cake here with a honey soaked sponge coated with pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts. As  you can see, I’m quite happy about it. _DSF0175 _DSF0252

Above two photos: Skansen, Open Air Museum. It was really lovely wandering around the old farmsteads, old streets, the Scandinavian zoo, the beautiful gardens, stopping to sit and look across the water.

_DSF0337 _DSF0324 _DSF0301 _DSF0291

Above four photos: A boat tour of the archipelago. I didn’t appreciate before we left for Stockholm just how amazing and unusual the geography of Sweden is. There are 24,000 islands (or there abouts, the number was different every time I saw/heard it).

Photo below: The royal palace. The largest in Europe still used for its intended purpose. I’m sorry we missed seeing the changing of the guard – would have been interesting to see how it differed to Buckingham Palace’s.


Photo below: Public transport. It was really easy to get around in Stockholm. I’d already been warned that it would be expensive, but it was really easy to use for a visitor. We bought a SL card, the equivalent of an Oyster card in London, which you can buy for a day pass, two, three or seven or more days. With this you can use the subway, buses, trams and overground trains. Some of the tube station were pretty amazing too, like underground caves.

_DSF0145   _DSF0363

Photo below: On our last day we took a trip to Tyresta National Park, a beautiful ancient woodland 20km south of Stockholm. It is a primeval woodland and is known for its great number of plants and animals, and its old 400 year old pines.

_DSF0404 _DSF0425 _DSF0430


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