Sunday Catch-up: Staying Inspired


It’s easy, I think, to feel daunted and overwhelmed when you’ve worked on a project for so long. The journey to perfecting it seems endless and I am impatient—my mother said as a child I always wanted everything ‘Now!’ But for my writing, this feeling partly stems from not wanting to waste time and wanting to move on to the next thing.

This week I finished my edits on Book One and got out Book Two, which I have been itching to do for a long time. I read the first chapter of Book Two and was shocked. It made me realise how far my writing in Book One has come, how paced and polished it feels compared to this unedited Book Two. It made me realise I have been working away for a good reason, I have not been wasting time. I have been learning my craft as a writer.

Confidence is a funny thing, it is there one moment and gone the next. It’s important I think, to take in the moments where you see your growth.

I’m going to push on with my trilogy, nothing is wasted, I’m doing my all to give it the best chance of succeeding. And giving it the best chance of being something that I would have liked to pick up in a bookshop and read.

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