Sunday Catch-up: My First 10K


A few weeks ago I ran my first 10k. I’d felt quite nervous about it. About whether I could actually do it, could I continue to run for that distance, would my knees/feet hold out? And I did it, the last 4k felt really hard, but I did it. I’m proud.

I have a necklace that someone I love bought me, it say’s ‘I can and I will.’ And it felt poetic to me that the Race For Life medal said ‘I did it!’ on it.

What’s even more brilliant is that my girls and I raised over £300 for Cancer Research, which felt awesome. That is one thing that really blows me away at these charity runs. The sheer number of runners and their supporters—those numbers soon add up to substantial amounts raised for charity. Being at the Royal Parks Half-marathon last year as a supporter and watching the thousands of runners really hit that home to me, and when you think of a charity you believe in and want to support, it actually feels emotional. I knew last year, watching that half-marathon, that I wanted to be a part of it myself.

My plan going forward… I firmly believe the more you do something, the less nervous you will be. The more you prove to yourself you can do it, the more confident you’ll feel. Of course, some nerves before and during a race are good—that’s the adrenalin that’s going to help you rise to the occasion. And I like that feeling. However, I know I need to continue training and working hard and continuing to build up my confidence if I’m going to complete my half-marathon in October.


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