Fantasy Author Event, Holborn Blackwells

Last Tuesday I went to a fantasy author event at Blackwells in Holborn. I jumped at the chance to go this free evening as the three authors were Gollancz published authors, and I’ve been loving reading lots of Gollancz stuff recently (more reviews to come shortly!).

The first thing to say about author events is how wonderful it is to be in a room full of people who love reading and stories like I do, who listen to every word the authors say, drinking it all up. And yes, I bought another book… I can’t enter a bookshop without leaving with a book at the moment. But I’d rather spend my money on good books than anything else.

Den Patrick asked if there were any aspiring authors in the audience and I put my hand up along with a few others. They had varying pieces of advice for us, including to not listen too hard to the negative reviews that will inevitably come  your way should you get published. I dislike that people feel like its ok to insult others online. I’ve never liked that about the internet. I read recently a quote about writers having to be thin skinned, but authors have to be thick skinner, and therein lies the problem. The truth is though, you find negativity all around you all the time, if you look for it. You have to be comfortable in what you’ve done I think, so that you can read what others say about you, nod to yourself and shrug, it’s their opinion, it doesn’t have to hurt you.

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