Film Review: Lucy

A sci-fi film focusing on the main character Lucy, who is forced to carry drugs (sewn forcibly into her abdomen) for a Korean drug lord. The drugs leak and allow her to access more and more of her brain. I thought exploring her losing what made her human was interesting, at first she felt heightened, was really moved by the love her mother had shown her in memories she could now recall. But soon she was something other than human. I think it’s interesting we often view the accessing of more of our brains alongside psychokinetic and other abilities—the more brain we have the more ‘supernatural’ control on things around us we can have.

I found it unsettling the way death was talked about, it didn’t scare Lucy at the end, she said ‘we never really die.’ She is still there. So by having more brain power we can equal what is there for us after death? Become a conscious entity without a physical body? This film managed to be science fiction but touch on the spiritual at the same time.

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